Accountant and Accountant

Who knows a business the best?

If you think about a pipeline with some keys which is required for the flow of water, then you will understand this well that those keys are in the best position to know how much water is flowing through the pipe, why water is flowing and how to control the flow.
Accountants are the keys of a business. A business has several pipelines like, income, expenses, cash inflows and cash out flows. Nothing in the business actually can bypass accountants. They know everything and they control it from inside.
So Accountants are in the best position to know where money comes from and where does it go. They know well how to increase and reduce the flow in a controlled way.

Business without an Accountant and Accountant without a Business

Think about music business, a restaurant business, a library; in every single business accountant is a must. There is none or only few small businesses without an accountant. Even a sole trader needs to keep some basic records of accounts in order to calculate profit and loss. And if you think about a multinational or manufacturing organization you can’t just imagine the business model without a large number of accountants.
Similarly an accountant without a personal or partnership business is rarely seen in real world. They are the money engineers, they know it well how to make money. They capitalize this knowledge and skills in their life. Accountants live in elite society. They are always surrounded by a very capable circle. Their society and circle gives them the position to exploit their knowledge and skills to make money for themselves and for others. They are well paid in the company where they work. They also know very well how to bring money in their business from other sources so capital is not a big issue for them to start a business. Aggregated result is- almost 80% to 90% of the accountants are found with one or two joint –venture, partnership or personal business.

Ruler of the world:

In our early age we saw a printing business to be managed by a person who is not an accountant but worked in the sector for a long period of time. May be he started from the position of a machine operator and then over years got some skills and started to manage the business.
We saw a bank to be managed by a person who is from science background or from the background of Arts or Human Studies.
In our middle age we saw BBA, MBA people to manage many of the businesses.
But now it has been changed totally. We observe most of the businesses are transferred to accountants. They are specialist in their fields. They know where a business is losing values and where it is gaining. Accountants then very quickly remove the in efficiencies of the business to make it better. Accountants set performance target for every individual and measure it rigorously. And we saw the improvement of business under their hands.
If you believe on the proposition that what happens today, happens for money, then you will realize completely that accountants are behind every single incidences that we call really big. Accountants now work closely with governments of the countries. They advice, suggest on issues. You will find an accountant even behind the war of Iraq, behind the oil of Iran; surely there were some crazy accountants who prepared the financials for the presidents. When it relates with money, a final decision about an action can come only from an accountant.

Good accountant and bad accountant:Good_and_Evil_by_Fint_art.jpg

You know specialist knowledge is dangerous when it goes into bad hands. We can recall the incidence of Hiroshima, Nagasaki. Bad science actually worked against humanity.
Similarly bad accountants are very dangerous for a company. They can destroy it for their own selfish interests. We can name some big incidence in business world, like- ENRON, WORLDCOM etc. Those business and their accountants just crushed the reputation of the profession in the market. Then again we have re-built our reputation by our ethical practices. And so good accountants are demanded and valued highly all over the world.
As a finishing line – I can say “A good accountant is the best friend for a business and the business man. If you are an accountant, you definitely will be valued, paid and honored without any doubt.”