IAS 20

Verge (06/13)

Verge was given a building by a private individual in February 2012. The benefactor included a condition that it must be brought into use as a train museum in the interests of the local community or the asset (or a sum equivalent to the fair value of the asset) must be returned. The fair value of the asset was $1.5 million in February 2012. Verge took possession of the building in May 2012. However, it could not utilize the building in accordance with the condition until February 2013 as the building needed some refurbishment and adaptation and in order to fulfill the condition.

Coate 12/12

Coate's revenue comprises mainly the sale of electricity and green certificates. Coate obtains green certificates under a national government scheme. Green certificates represent the environmental value of green electricity. The national government requires suppliers who do not produce green electricity to purchase a certain number of green certificates. Suppliers who do not produce green electricity can buy green certificates either on the market on which they are traded or directly from a producer such as Coate.