Chem Clean 12/15

Chemclean trades in the chemical industry. The entity has development and production operations in various countries. It has entered into an agreement with Jomaster under which Chemclean will license Jomaster’s know-how and technology to manufacture a chemical compound, Volut. The know-how and technology has a fair value of $4 million. Chemclean cannot use the know-how and technology for manufacturing any other compound than Volut. Chemclean has not concluded that economic benefits are likely to flow from this compound but will use Jomaster’s technology for a period of three years.

Scramble 12/11

On 30 November 20X1, 65% of Scramble's total assets were mainly represented by internally developed intangible assets comprising the capitalized costs of the development and production of online computer games. These games generate all of Scramble's revenue. The costs incurred in relation to maintaining the games at the same standard of performance are expensed to profit or loss for the year. The accounting policy note states that intangible assets are valued at historical cost.

Blackcutt (12/12)

Blackcutt is a local government organisation whose financial statements are prepared using International Financial Reporting Standards. Blackcutt wishes to create a credible investment property portfolio with a view to determining if any property may be considered surplus to the functional objectives and requirements of the local government organization. The following portfolio of property is owned by Blackcutt.